What Matters Most

08 Oct

One of the benefits of running for public office is one gets a chance to connect: hear stories, meet real people and tell stories. That meaningful exchange brings us all closer and unites us for the greater good. I was lucky to be in the presence of a healthcare worker and caregiver the other day, who was caring for a dying warrior- a 92 year old man. Like me, she was a foreigner and spoke with an accent. In the moment, she was more concerned about her accent and immediately apologized to me. I begged her to never again apologize for that. I was staring back at a person whose job as a healthcare worker in a pandemic, caring for the aged has set her apart in more ways than one. Her dedication to preserving life mattered to me, more than anything and so I thanked her for her service. She seemed taken aback, and then she too thanked me - for running for office.
My joy was full. My job was done. I had made a great connection with a beautiful human and I prayed for the dying old man. That's all that mattered to me.
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